Established in 1984 in Portland, Oregon, TIS has evolved from producing blueprints and schematics to offering a full range of digital print and finishing services.

Witnessing the rapid changes in technology in the print industry over three decades has been a fascinating journey. Today, TIS operates primarily as a print management company, or print broker. Instead of maintaining a full blown production facility and store front, we have established partnerships with family-owned local vendors who specialize in different printing methods.

This benefits our clients in many ways:

We can offer a larger menu of services, not normally available from one source.

With TIS' vendor-to-vendor relationships, our clients pay the same, or lower rates as you would if purchasing direct.

We can work with you personally to develop your project, even if you need help with graphics or design.

TIS does not have a storefront or showroom. We are available to meet with you by appointment downtown, or at a location closer to you. Email us to arrange an appointment, or to inquire further about our services.